What better way to start the day than to drop a bit of promotion for two of our good buddies, Parv and Gonzo. These two crazy kids have quit their jobs and are road tripping the states to make a doco titled “Two Men and a Camera”. This will not be your average documentary and if the boys personalities are anything to go by, it’s safe to say it will be pretty legit viewing. Whilst on the road, they’ll be going on a hunt for aliens with a UFO nut, spending a day on a porn set, “Austin Powers XXX Parody”, hitting up Spring Break, a Texas Ghost town and interviewing a former KKK head. Amongst other things.
Like them on old FB and hit them up if you have any cool suggestions for their trip, or even if you feel like offering them a couch to sleep on; we’re sure they’d be down.
Check out their website here.