We have been so busy between our day jobs and gigs that we have been neglecting our blog. So sorry for the lack of posts.

There is so much to catch up on - more Crusty Demons videos, The Faders playing Summafieldayze and Good Vibrations festivals but for now we thought we should share a little video of Cisco Adler giving us some love on his new live web show Cisco's House. Check out Cisco's House at http://www.justin.tv/cisco_adler/. They will be live tomorrow (Thur Dec 23) at 2pm AEDT. Also, keep and eye out for Cisco's new band Cisco Adler and The Pigeons! We've heard a couple of tracks and they are awesome!

Stay tuned for our crazy summer antics and a catch up of the last leg of the Crusty Demons Tour with more behind the scenes videos.
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