If you know The Faders you know we can't get enough of wrist paraphernalia! Sui just got back from LA and picked up some Braced-Lets from Opening Ceremony. They're amazing, we can't get enough of them and they're actually made from braces! Apparently they came about because the designer's sister is an Orthodontist. Crazy!

For more info on Braced-Lets head to their Facebook page.

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We've been admiring Venessa Arizaga's jewellery for a while now. We first saw it on our friend Ruby Rose and at the Opening Ceremony store in L.A. but now we're absolutely in love with the collection.

Bright poppy colours, skulls and gold chains. What's not to love!? Check out the video and photos of her current collection below. 

See more on the Venessa Arizaga website.

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Bored.. What’s up Giles and Brother?

Shouldn’t be because The Faders also have nine to five jobs to keep us occupied but can’t help it. And what better way to cure boredom than a bit of online shopping?

Online shopping is like the gift that keeps on giving. You have the fun of cruising around finding things you like, buy them and then forget about them until it rocks up on your doorstep a few weeks later. It’s like someone sending you presents! If you just ignore the fact that you actually paid for it yourself...

One of our latest online shopping purchases was from Giles & Brother – one of the most legit jewellery brands going around. We discovered them on a recent trip to Tokyo in another Faders favourite store, Opening Ceremony. What’s even better about shopping in the online store is that you can get the jewellery customized and stamped with whatever you want! Less is more definitely doesn’t apply in this situation, reckon it’s safer to just buy one of each because they are so rad.